Women in the Woods by Nancy Kim

WCN crew taking a union break

I’ve never seen so many chicks in Carrharts.

For the second year in a row, WCN participated in an all-women’s trail work day organized by Mountains to Sound Greenway. WCN volunteers Anne Tarver, Colleen Hinton, Dawn Chapel, Traisa Skarbo,  Diane Hennessey, Donna Horn and I reported for work detail at the Little Si trailhead on Saturday May 16 at 9am.

After a safety briefing, we shouldered our packs and tools and headed up the trail to one of two projects. The WCN crew stayed together to work on a rock retaining wall half a mile up the trail at a stream culvert. Our job: to find large rocks and move them with tools and a combination of leverage, muscle and gravity to their new creekside home. The purpose: to stem erosion on the heavily-trafficked Little Si trail with its Goldilocks grade, not too flat, not too steep.

Dawn Chapel wielding a pick axe

Project sponsor REI provided this year’s swag, a ‘Get Dirty’ wicking tee in pistachio with brown contrast stitching.

Mountains to Sound volunteer coordinator Margaret Ullman doled out special kudos to our crew: “Your team, as always, is spectacular to work with—so energized, conscientious, and willing to problem solve.” Well, maybe she says that to all the girlies.

For those who missed out, there’s another opportunity to volunteer this fall on Saturday, September 17. Details on the Mountains to Sound website.

Nancy and Diane rolling a rock from quarry to culvert


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  1. I wasn’t in Carhartts!

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