Outdoor Orthography

There ain’t no “c” in Shuksan, no “w” in Stuart, and no fucking “o” in gaiters. That thing you use to tie your flies is a vise, not a vice, even though your partner might think it’s the latter. The past tense of ski is skied, something skiers should know but had I a dime for every Turns All Year TR rife with that troublesome, double i, past tense (skiied), I could retire. Randonnée may be French for can’t tele, but the way I see the word butchered, it’s obviously American for can’t spell. Fix the heel, fix the problem and fix your spell-check. Or just use the term AT as acronyms are virtually impossible to misspell.


One response to “Outdoor Orthography

  1. No w in Recker, no k in carabiner and luv has an O and an E.
    Cheers, Nancy keep up the writing!

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